Planning To Redecorate Your Room With Modern Décor? Here We Are!

display wall shelf

Time to give away the same old rusty shelves and cabinets.  Also, give away the messy table with magazines spread in an unorganized way. Wallmantra gets you elegant and designer display shelves and bar cabinets which replenishes the entire look and feel of your favorite room and dining area. Bar cabinets at Wallmantra are designer’s favorite choice. If you love ultra-modern house décor and modular kitchen area, you should definitely stop by Wallmantra and explore our exclusive collection at an easy range.

Choose your kind of display shelves and bar cabinets from below –


TA chic addition to walls which works both as a shelf and a lamp. This backlit feature imparts a two-in-one amazing feature. Place it on your living room wall and see how magically it transforms the environment of your room. Surprise your guest with this awe striking display shelf today.


This display shelf is a minimalist’s favorite choice. It looks simple yet classic in a unique way. Comes in a geometric design and in white color, this wall shelf looks great against pastel wall. Place your choice of objects like books, cosmetics and stationary in it as it’s got a lot of space. It would actually look great in your reading room.

Wooden Bar Wall Shelf

Bar cabinets are a classic collection in modern household. This bar cabinet works as a display shelf for dining area as well a cabinet that stores your favorite collection of wine and wine glasses. The beautiful design makes it the major attraction of your dining area or your living room. If you’re renovating your room and thinking to create a place to keep your favorite liquors, do get this.

Moon Shape Wood Wall Shelf

As evident from the picture, this wall shelf has a dreamy appearance and out-of-the-box design. If you have a peppy décor and thinking to get a wall shelf that matches the spirit, choose this. It is made of high quality engineered wood, therefore you need not have to worry about it’s durability.

Bat Shape Wood Wall Shelf

A shelf which outshines all other décor elements at home. This Bat Man themed wall shelf is every millennia’s favorite. Place it in your living room, bed room or study room and watch it casting a spell on your room with it’s mystical beauty. Obviously, it’s resemblance to the DC franchise is a different story.


If you love to play with your wall in a creative way, consider one of the best wall shelves available online only at Wallmantra. Get playful and creative with your walls and let praises pouring in with your unique décor sense. Bar cabinets at Wallmantra are one of the most affordable ones, and a lover of wine and specific drinks shouldn’t miss out on this. Grab all of these amazing wooden products at exciting deals and offers now! You can also gift these to your beloved one on their special day.

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