5 Emerging Styles in Contemporary Furniture

What it means to be “contemporary” is ever-evolving. However, clean lines, mixed materials, and bright pops of color will always be a trademark of modern designs. Embrace these five emerging styles as you choose pieces for your home, and you’ll be able to enjoy your unique space for a lifetime.

#1: The Combination of Two Natural Materials

One of the biggest trends for modern furniture is pieces crafted from combinations of two different natural materials. The contrasting textures and patterns have a contemporary flavor that works well for an updated home. Sustainability and minimalism are growing in popularity, so you can’t go wrong with simple, handcrafted furniture.
Must-have examples you’ve probably seen all over social media include combinations of ceramic and metal, wood and marble, or quartzite and concrete. And these pieces pair well together, too! You might like wood and metal chairs with your metal and glass table. The possibilities are endless.

#2: Designs with Asymmetrical Shapes

Nothing is more contemporary than furniture that features asymmetrical shapes. We often think traditionally when it comes to comfort and style. However, it’s often unorthodox designs that make for centerpieces in your home. For example, ergonomic office chairs are incredibly effective at getting you through those long hours at work, but they’re also aesthetically appealing. 

From couches that have asymmetrical backs to funky coffee tables that go beyond the usual rectangle or circle, great modern pieces will always have elements that make them stand out. You may not even need accent pillows!

#3: Make It With Metal

As mentioned above, metal is in. Brass accents, such as edge trim on your table, are sure to make your interior design shine. Aluminum legs on a brightly-colored chair add some sophistication to the piece.  

Plus, remember that table accents are one of the most important elements of decor. So, for a cohesive look, keep the metal theme going with some smaller pieces that are paired with your metallic-accented furniture. Think simple metal table lamps, metal sculptures, and even metal flower vases. 

#4: Bold Color Accents

Contemporary furniture is heading towards more bold color accents. This includes color-pop furniture, where a piece becomes the feature of the room because it draws the eye with the bright hue. Bar stools or accent chairs are great ways to introduce a pop of color into your space. 

If you’re keeping the rest of the space neutral, it’s easy to add strategic highlights of color. Choose shades that are in fashion, such as olive, mustard, or royal blue. Or change out your accent colors seasonally.

#5: Pieces with Multiple Functions

Another big trend for contemporary furniture is multi-functional pieces, such as bedroom pieces that also work for your home office. Look for options that offer hidden storage, charging ports, and adjustable locations. 

Get the most out of your space with a blend of style and function. Try, for example, some functional shelves that double as modern decor based on their shape and style. 

Contemporary Can Be For You

Now that you know some of the emerging styles in contemporary furniture, you can see how simple it is to take these trends and apply them to your space in ways that work for you. You don’t have to completely change every room, of course. Start small, and see where your redecorating and style goals take you.

Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home with her husband, and she is also a dedicated pet mom to an adorable kitty and a rambunctious puppy.

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